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Essential Facts

GMO Myths and Truths   Experts examine the evidence on GM crops, 2014. Later printed version available.   Recommended
The GM Dirty Dozen   12 reasons to avoid GM crops (concise, well-referenced) 2013 [341K]
Don't Look, Don't Find: Health Hazards of GM Food   Critical review of research 2013   [5.5M]
Smell a Rat?  expands on food safety research and evidence of poor regulation - Soil Ass. 2007
State of the Science: health risks of GM foods  Useful summary (US) 2010  [1592K]
GM animal feed  FoE briefing May 2006  [181K]
Twenty Years of Failure  Why GM crops have failed to deliver on their promises (2015) [5MB]
Do we need GM?  links to catalogue of problems solved without using GM - Recommended
GM and drought tolerance  Briefing examines industry claims & sustainable alternatives (2008)  [241K]
The safety of GE Foods:  Reasons to expect hazards  Introduction to issues, by physicians & scientists, 2000
The Great Food Gamble   GM food safety (Friends of the Earth)  [563K]
Potential health effects of foods from GM plants   Report finds poor risk assessment & regulation   (Pusztai/Bardocz 2011)
How Genetic Engineering Differs From Conventional Breeding   (Dr Michael Hansen, 2000)  [125K]
Clones & GM Animals  overview by Food & Water Watch (and factsheet, 2010) Recommended
Nontarget Effects of GM  explains how unintended side-effects arise - Recommended
Resistance is growing  The spread of weeds resistant to herbicides used with GMHT crops (2010) [378K]
Horizontal Gene Transfer  The hidden hazards of genetic engineering (Dr Mae Wan Ho)
The Promise of Plant Biotechnology - the threat ...   (Prof Patrick Brown)
The Precautionary Principle   (Prof Peter Saunders)
Feeding or Fooling the World?  Can GM really feed the hungry? (2002) [210K]

Key Developments

GM crops and foods in Britain and Europe   Good summary of situation in 2014, ongoing
GM food and crops: what next?   Useful 2003 summary of UK/European issues (but still relevant)
Review of developments in 2004  Genetic technology overview by GeneWatch  [117K]
Scientific Publication in Peril  Using different standards distorts GMO toxicity studies (2014)
The L-tryptophan tragedy  GE food supplement caused 37 deaths, 1500 disabled in US    (see also In-Depth)
Labelling of GM Food and Animal Feed   UK Regulations introduced May 2004
Farm Scale GM Trials   Soil Association introductory briefing, June 2003*/
Evaluating the Farm Scale Trials   Soil Association evidence to Environmental Audit Nov 2003*/
GM Crops? Coexistence and Liability  AEBC report to Government 25/11/03
Application to approve GM maize seed in UK   'Chardon LL'/T25, withdrawn in UK, Europe allows
Agrofuels: a reality check   2007 paper examines serious side-effects of biofuel production [366K]
A million voices for a GE-free future   Petition to European Commission 9/12/10
Protest against Norwich potato trial   "Blight resistant" GM strain decried as unneeded 23/7/11
Synthetic life - too much, too soon?   Introduction to 'Synthetic Biology'

Current Pointers

GM Watch  Highly recommended, indispensable for news, facts, reports, archives, videos
GM Freeze  Active UK campaign, with info on GM in shops, topical briefings & newsletter
GM-free Scotland  Active campaign group based in Glasgow; stimulating articles
Stop the Crop  Europe wide anti-GM campaign with agri-environment focus (CEO/FOEE)
Friends of the Earth Europe GMO Campaign  Essential news on the UK & European scene
International GM Contamination Register  Incidents listed by Greenpeace and GeneWatch
Stop GE trees campaign  Introduction to hazards of GE trees, also as biofuels
GM Free Cymru  assertive Welsh campaign, articulate on European issues
GM-Free Ireland Network   active campaign, significant on the European scene
European GMO-Free Regions  Official network of GMO-free regions in Europe
SOS - save our seeds  European campaign against GM contamination of the seed market
Campaign against GM crops  Soil Association is a major UK certifier of organic products
Munlochy GM Vigil  Highland campaign against local trials; global links
GENET  European NGO network on genetic engineering [expired link]


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