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Issues in brief

GM: Food Facts Revealed  brief summary by LABB, also available as a printed leaflet
GM Foods - renewed threat to Europe  introductory leaflets by GM Watch, fully referenced   [93K]
10 reasons we don't need GM foods  introductory leaflet by GM Watch, key facts referenced
Why a GM Freeze?  Social, economic & environmental problems of GM
GM crops and food  introductory briefing by Friends of the Earth, 2003  [141K]
Silent Invasion  The sale of products from animals fed on GM feed is unregulated (2007, needs updating)[1.4M]
Seed Contamination  explains difficulties of co-existence: growing GM and non-GM crops separately (2006) [57K]
False solutions to global warming  International groups urge caution on GM biofuels

Outline Guide

These Learning Links, together with the rest of this website, are intended to provide an up to date guide to this controversial subject, by highlighting relevant Internet resources.  In the main, they relate primarily to the UK situation. Serious questions have been raised about growing GM plants in the open, and the potential risks to the public, particularly from GM products in the food-chain. A look at the facts reveals there are many well-founded concerns, and several reports from scientists are referenced here. Consumers may wish to avoid GM products, but lack of information and shortcomings in labelling laws at present make this difficult.

Items in this first section  "GM Introduction"  point to information for the newcomer, recommended mainly as an introduction to the principal issues of GM. However, readers should note when they were written, since some details may well have changed in the intervening period - this is often obvious. More up to date information may be found elsewhere on this website, particularly "GM Basics" (Learning Links) and "Recent Developments" (in What's New).

The next Learning Links section  "GM Basics"  provides more detail, and some parts will also be of interest to the newcomer.

The third Learning Links section  "GM In-Depth"  accesses additional resources for a deeper study of the subject.

The last Learning Links section  "Glossary"  provides simple as well as more complete meanings of terms and abbreviations.


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